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Woodcroft Sports: Bringing recreational
basketball to Durham since 1985.


For more than 30 years the Woodcroft Athletic Association (WAA), has been providing Durham and Chapel Hill families with children’s recreational sports leagues for basketball. Under the banner of Woodcroft Sports, the league provides a fun, competitive environment where boys and girls can play youth sports while learning the values of teamwork and fair play.


Healthy competition balanced with fair play.

The Woodcroft Sports program values competition, but not at the expense of teamwork and player development. All children have the opportunity to play a variety of positions over the course of a season and an increase in individual skills is our goal.


Sign up with a friend and we’ll work hard to get you
on the same team.

Since it’s humble beginnings as a neighborhood kids’ sports league in Southwest Durham, Woodcroft Sports has become known as the rec league that works hard to put friends on the same team and accommodate busy family schedules by providing a choice of practice times. If the players are in the same age group and request the same practice time Woodcroft Sports will do our best to place them on the same team.


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